We Offer


Two main assessment options to help identify the underlying causes of your child's difficulties.


At the Kids First Centre SA, we use a range of standardised and informal assessments and observations to unpick your child's strengths and weaknesses. We believe that the assessment phase is vital in helping us to understand your child's unique profile and guide our intervention. Through a detailed assessment, our therapists can deliver deficit-sensitive therapy (that means, therapy that matches the underlying cause of the difficulties). We offer two main options for you:

Multi-Disciplinary Team Screener

The MDT screener was designed to offer families access to a range of professionals BEFORE deciding which profession (and person), is best suited to help your child. We have seen too many cases of inappropriate referrals followed by families spending fortunes on assessments and therapy only to find that their child's needs were not fully met. 

You will receive a full case history form to complete and return to us at Kids First (we offer help to complete the form). You will then be assigned a 'case worker' who will invite relevant professionals to meet with you and your child. So, for 45 minutes, you will have access to up to 3 professionals!! Imagine that, all 3 professionals in one room listening to YOU, discussing YOUR child and the best course of action for YOUR child. 


Access to any one of our professionals for a specific assessment

You may want an assessment by a specific professional at Kids First SA. If so, you may call us or email us for a list of our therapists and request an assessment or therapy. You will receive a case history form from your professional who will then guide you through the process. In most cases, your child will undergo a thorough assessment, which may include some observations in school, after which you will receive a detailed report with suggestions and recommendations for support at home / school (if appropriate). If your child does require therapy, this will be discussed with you during  feedback session i which you will be able to ask questions and really understand what the assessment meant for your child. With your permission, we will always try to link with your child's school as closely as possible.