We help students in

Primary & High Schools

The Growth Mindset tells us that children can make progress at ANY age - it's never too late 


“Good communication skills are ranked first amongst an employers ‘must-have’ skills” SACE, 2016. Our service for schools is modelled on the approach adopted in London schools, focusing on communication, speech, language and literacy.

The Words First Approach™

Our Speech and Language Therapists are able to offer specialist literacy/language assessments and unique interventions based on the Reading and Language Circuit Model™ created by the Founder of Kids First SA.

Social Awareness Groups

Our social clubs, for children with social communication difficulties, are based on improving the ability to understand and respond to other’s feelings and needs. We run these sessions in natural contexts so they don’t ‘feel’ like social skills training. Our partnership with BusyBots, for example, focuses on coding while enhancing social awareness.

Lego Therapy™

Lego Therapy™is a well known approach to supporting children with social communication difficulties through the medium of lego. Each member of the groups has a specific role to play in building a lego character, thereby enhancing a range of social skills.

Receptive & Expressive Language

We run sessions to improve speaking and listening skills using spoken language.

Attention Autism

Gina Davies’ Attention Autism is another well-known approach to supporting children with significant attention difficulties.

Reading Comprehension

Our Reading Comprehension groups are very popular in the UK and focus on developing skills in reading fluency and comprehension.