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Facilities and Resources

At the Kids First Centre SA



The Kids First Centre SA offers families access to a wide range of facilities and resources, at the Centre and online.

We have 4 specially designed rooms at Kids First SA and use only the best research and evidenced-based interventions from international researchers.

The Gym

Our OT and Physio room, known as The Gym, has excellent facilities and equipment to support your child’s progress in his/her physical development programme.

The Mountain Room

This room is where our Educational Psychologist and Dietitian work (not always together!). We also do parent interviews and discuss confidential information in this room. We’ve made it feel a little bit like home as we know there are many emotions coming in and out of this room and we want you to feel as comfortable as possible

The SaLT Room

The Speech and Language room is where we do our literacy and language work. This room can get a bit noisy, especially if we’re working in groups, as we like to inject a lot of energy and fun into our sessions. Thank goodness for the soundproof walls!

The Sensory Room

We are very proud of our sensory room which is a specially designed room that facilitates language, communication and sensory integration for children with a range of needs, including Autism.