Dyslexia Specialist

Dyslexia affects children and adults of all languages and cultures.


Dyslexia Specialist

Helping a Specific Learning Disability in Reading


Dyslexia is a specific learning difficulty thought to be a type of Neurodevelopmental Disorder that impedes the ability to learn or use specific academic skills (e.g., reading, writing, or arithmetic), which are the foundation for other academic learning.

Early signs of learning difficulties may appear in the preschool years (e.g., difficulty learning names of letters or counting objects), but they can only be diagnosed reliably after starting formal education. Dyslexia affects children and adults of all languages and cultures.


Children who struggle with all aspects of reading and spelling, including reading comprehension (understanding what they read)


A dyslexia specialist will assess the underlying skills that are necessary for fluent reading and accurate spelling.

Indicators / Difficulties

  • Slow to grasp phonics
  • Difficulty remembering the written word despite seeing it several times
  • Difficulty answering questions about a text
  • Regular headaches when reading
  • Avoidance strategies when it comes to reading
  • Easily distracted and often not following instructions

Next Steps / Benefits

Our dyslexia specialists at Kids First SA are trained to deliver the Words First Approach™, linking literacy and language. Your child’s language and literacy skills will be assessed in detail providing a ‘map’ of his/her processing skills. With this information, we can tailor intervention and classroom adaptation to your child’s needs.